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Are you tired of hearing the same meme's over and over again? Are you tired of hearing the same jokes that your grandpa told you when you were 5? Here's the solution! BAZINGAcoin is creating the worlds first decentralized internet comedy database to document the best jokes ever written by man so it can be historically proven when the comedy was written and when it was acknowledged. The rules are simple: You laugh you BAZINGA. The platform is available on Everyone will be able to write jokes they believe that are BAZINGA-worthy. Jokes are text-only anonymous contributions that can be rewarded with 1 BAZINGA per ethereum address. We believe in the science of comedy. Jokes should be objectively funny disregarding sex, appearance or age. We want to know the core of the joke and what makes people tick. You can write and post on for 10 BZC. Every joke will be anchored to the ethereum blockchain and you will be able to "BAZINGA" each joke with 1 BAZINGAcoin per address with MetaMask. Every BAZINGAcoin will be rewarded to the ethereum address of the writer. Every joke is anonymous and this rule will never be modified. There is no downvote, there is no upvote, only BAZINGA.
Transfer instant peer-to-peer
Peer-to-peer means that BAZINGACOIN runs without having a central server. The storage server is decentralized within the ethereum blockchain and changes are registered by miners connected to the network.
Low transfer fee
Transfer fee is next to zero, but to speed up transactions, you can set the gas price as needed no matter how much coin is sent. The gast costs to reward a post or make one are ~$0.40, so don't let gas stop you of making people laugh.
Easy transfer
You can transfer BAZINGACOIN to anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to the internet. BAZINGACOIN will be deposited into an ethereum wallet. (such as or MetaMask)
BAZINGACOIN is not controlled
BAZINGACOIN is not controlled by any party. All transactions are recorded live and transparent. Those who want to change or falsify a BAZINGACOIN transfer data must hack the entire ethereum network first! (impossible)
The number of coins is limited
BAZINGACOIN supply is only 10 million coins worldwide, this resembles an economic system based on deflation, BAZINGACOIN prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the number of coins that remain is not increased. See, now, that's-that's the kind of thing you could tell a fella over a pastrami sandwich.
Get profit!
Make posts on and earn money writing jokes or reward money to posters if they made you laugh! You can also start trading BAZINGACOIN on exchanges! You can buy low and sell high, or buy high and sell low. Whatever suits you best.
How do I get it?
You can get BAZINGACOIN by buying ethereum on coinbase and exchanging it for BAZINGACOINS with metamask in our crowdsale! After your transaction, you can use BAZINGACOIN on any device with an ethereum wallet!
1. Install MetaMask on your browser
MetaMask is an ethereum and ERC20 token (BAZINGACOIN) wallet! MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions. MetaMask is initially a Chrome extension, but will eventually support Firefox and beyond. You can send and receive Ether (ETH/Ethereum) and ERC20 tokens like BAZINGACOIN within your browser by just the click of a button!
2. Buy ethereum at
Coinbase is a user-facing retail broker of Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin for fiat currency (USD/EURO etc.). You can get ether on many other local exchanges. Every country usually has their own ether/fiat exchange readily available for all your digital asset needs! You can get Ether from coinbase and send it to your MetaMask address, so you can easily use Ether or any other ERC20 like BAZINGACOIN easily within your browser!
You can buy BAZINGACOINS at our Oracles Page! Enter the amount of BAZINGACOINS you want to buy and press the contribute button. MetaMask will ask you to sign your transfer. After you've transferred ether to the crowdsale contract, you will receive your tokens in your wallet! You can view your tokens on MetaMask with: tokens > add token > contract address: 0x7035BCf55f1a38E5C33aE6AA4e5571dFe04BB77e ; decimals: 18; symbol: BZC.
How are BAZINGACOINS distributed?
BAZINGACOINS are distributed through the crowdsale with 7,000,000 BZC available to the crowdsale and 3,000,000 BZC left in reserves! Which means that there are a total of 10,000,000 BAZINGACOINS. View the table below for a summary:

Token symbol: BZC
Token address: 0x7035BCf55f1a38E5C33aE6AA4e5571dFe04BB77e
Total supply: 10,000,000 BZC
Crowdsale supply: 7,000,000 BZC
Reserve: 3,000,000 BZC
Crowdsale price: 5000 BZC / 1 ETH (~$0.13)
Get it before they run out:
You can contact BAZINGACOIN project development at: